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   Project Coordinator
   Prof. Theo Zouros
   Atomic & Molecular Physics
   Dept. of Physics
   Univ. of Crete, PO Box 2208,
  . GR-71003 Heraklion
   e-mail: tzouros@physics.uoc.gr

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Work Package 6: Electronics and Data Acquisition system - design and implementation

Figure 1: Photos of voltage preamp:110x130x40 mm, weight is 200g.

Figure 2: 2-D Resistive Anode Encoder: position information

Figure 3: HDA and PSD electronics including new preamp and DSP unit.

Figure 4: DAQ dead time correction measurement. Practically no dead time observed til about 100kHz count rate after which sudden saturation occurs.

Description of work package

Work Package



Month 1


Month 18



WP6: Electronics and Data Acquisition system -design and implementation


Research Teams:

RT1, RT2, RT3

6.1 Detectors electronics: Design, purchase, and assembly: The pulses from the electron detectors of the spectrometers are processed through a system of preamps, shaping amps, logical gates and ADCs which will have to be redesigned and whose components must be bought. Spectrometer electrode voltages are delivered by programmable precision high voltage power supplies and coordinated with the detector signals through the data acquisition system (DAQ) centrally controlled by a PC. Both DAQ and power supplies must also be bought as well as related high voltage vacuum feedthroughs, SHV and MHV connectors, HV cabling etc.

6.2 Design and development of data acquisition (DAQ) systems for channeltron and PSD: DAQ software must be written for the purchased DAQ. Two different types of DAQ programs will be used either to scan the spectrometer voltages with the channeltron detector or keep the voltages fixed when used with spectrograph’s position sensitive detector (PSD). Eventually both will be combined in one program.

6.3 Tests of complete electronics and DAQ with pulsers: Tests of the electronics will be performed with pulsers, Eventually, improvements in the counting rate capabilities of the Kansas system [Ben99b] and dead time minimization will be sought using histogramming memory electronics or delay-line electronics


2 Reports and part of BS, MS or PhD thesis, DAQ software programs

WP6: Table of Activities in progress

CompletedActivityTarget Date
Tested 3 Tennelec 3kV power supplies for the HDA 
Dec 2013
Tender for DAQ  announced - ended unsuccessful
Dec 2013
1rst Tender to buy computer equipment ended unsuccessful
Jan 2014
Consider High precision low ripple HV power supplies
Jan 2014
Consider floating HV power supply for MCP and channeltron
Jan 2014
Consider Data acquisition (DAQ) system
Jan 2014
Build appropriate MCP storage vacuum chamber
Jan 2014
Tender for MCP plates for PSD announced 5/2/14
Feb 2014
2nd Tender to buy computer equipment announced on 5/2/14
Feb 2014
Buy computer equipment and peripherals (first PC ordered in tender - rest will go out in new tender in April)
Feb 2014
Buy DAQ (DAQ is presently being build at ATOMKI according to specs - will be ready end of April)
Feb 2014
Buy HV power supplies for HDA (bought HMI and Applied kV power supplies) and MCP (bought 3kV floating HP 6515A unit)
Feb 2014
Consider other needed electronics: NIM crate, test pulser, Oscilloscope (have already one NIM crate and in the process of a tender for another - existing test pulser repaired)
Mar 2014
DAQ electronics (preamp and DSL card) tested OK - still need to test dead time and overall control of DAQ system
May 2014
DAQ with first electron measurements from hot wire tested OK
May 2014
Test voltage control for HDA power supplies together with counter and DSP (Fasmatech)
Sep 2014
Develop and test new software for DAQ (Fasmatech)
Nov 2014
Channel 1 of preamp dead! - replace with channel 5 - need to repair - arrangement with ATOMKI under discussion!
Jun 2015
Preamp unit sent to Hungary and repared at ATOMKI and returned to lab
Aug 2015
Final Report on operation of DAQ ready - work package completed
Dec 2015

WP6: Deliverables

Additional related results:

WP6: People involved

  • Prof. Theo Zouros - MRG RT1 (UoC)
  • Giannis Madesis (PhD student) - GEC RT1 (UoC)
  • Dr. Tasos Dimitriou (Postdoc) - GEC RT1 (UoC)
  • Prof. Manolis Benis - MRG RT3 (UoI)
  • Dr. Bela Sulik - MRG RT1 (invited scientist - ATOMKI, Debrecen Hungary)
  • Dr. Iván Valastyán - GEC RT1 (electronics and data acquisition design - ATOMKI, Debrecen Hungary)
  • Fasmatech

WP6: Technical Notes

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