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   Project Coordinator
   Prof. Theo Zouros
   Atomic & Molecular Physics
   Dept. of Physics
   Univ. of Crete, PO Box 2208,
  . GR-71003 Heraklion
   e-mail: tzouros@physics.uoc.gr

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Expected Results

The following deliverables are anticipated:
  1. New Highly Charged Ion capabilities for TANDEM accelerator of Demokritos in Athens the only accelerator in Greece
  2. New complete beam line for atomic collisions at the TANDEM
  3. Complete functional state-of-the-art high resolution setup for zero-degree Auger projectile spectroscopy (ZAPS)
  4. Cohesive research team to perform atomic physics investigations with accelerators as well as first experiments using ZAPS and new applications
  5. Training of young scientists in the new techniques and technologies of atomic collisions and electron spectroscopy
  6. Evolution of a deeper understanding of electron capture to metastable states of He-like ions, cascade feeding and mechanisms leading to non-statistical populations of energy levels. Possible extension to Be- and B-like metastable state beams
  7. Increased capabilities for effective participation in new EU scientific research initiatives such as FAIR, SPARC, X-FEL etc.

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