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   Project Coordinator
   Prof. Theo Zouros
   Atomic & Molecular Physics
   Dept. of Physics
   Univ. of Crete, PO Box 2208,
  . GR-71003 Heraklion
   e-mail: tzouros@physics.uoc.gr

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Proposal Milestones

  • New field of atomic physics with accelerators for Greece
  • Extended highly charged ion capabilities of the Demokritos TANDEM accelerator facility
  • Setup of new state-of-the-art electron spectroscopy system
  • New complete data base of systematic measurements of Auger spectra from first row He-like ions
  • Deeper understanding of the importance of cascade feeding of metastable states in collisions of ions with gas targets
  • Elucidation of mechanisms responsible in the non-statistical production of excited three-electron states by electron capture
  • Extension of new techniques to Be- and B-like metastable beams

Experimental Milestones to date

Jul 28, 2014
First Auger spectrum (140728-164918) showing the KLL of C3+ ions formed by electron capture in colliisions of 12 MeV C4+ (1s2,1s2s 3S) + Ne (20mTorr) W=1525eV and F=4.
The big spot on the PSD is the 1s2s2p 4P line of C3+ while the next two lines are the 1s2s2p 2P- and 1s2s2p 2P+. Slight misalignment of peaks along the x-direction caused by insufficient mu-metal shielding between gas cell and spectrometer. The individual projections along the x-direction (energy dispersion axis) and the y-direction (focusing axis) are seen on the right together with the signal from the sum of all 4 signals. Only the 4P line is in the right place as most of it decays closer to the HDA entry. Following this spectrum, more mu-metal tubing was placed along the electron path within the beam line iself. See work package 8
Feb 21, 2014 First ion beam transmission test completed with isolation valve closed, L45 dipoles on but L45 steerers off.
Measured 230nA in FC4 (before isolation valve) with 10 x 10 mm slits SL1 (after switcher but before the dipoles) and 400nA in FC3 just before the switcher magnet. Beam: 1 MeV protons

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